Februarys Art Blog Winner

We seem to be getting later and later with the art blog deadlines, we’ll put it down to the crew being perfectionists and needing a little longer to give it that extra 10%!

Februarys “Favourite Computer Game Character” theme has got to be one of our most popular themes so far with tonnes of entries coming in which gives an insight into what the Boulder Crew are really doing in their spare time and they said the carpal tunnel was from animating, a likely story!

The votes were counted and verified and it was Sophia Dalys ode to Lara Croft that came out on top so massive congrats to Sophia!!

Lara Croft by Sophia Daly

For her troubles she is now the proud owner of some super sweet Morph bookends.

Our very respectable 2nd and 3rd places go to Ross Dillon and Verna Jaaskinen and if
you wanna have a look at their homages along with the rest of studios please click here:

The new art blog theme for March/April is “Animal Behaviour” so keep an eye out for new posts.

Januarys Art Blog Winner

Noah circa 1990

Januarys theme “Retrospective” gave the Art Bloggers a chance to go back through the portfolios to a more innocent time when their artistic exploits stretched to Father’s Day cards and local art competitions.

Some of our entrants chose to show their original pieces alongside a version updated for 2013 whereas others just let the purity of the original piece shine through but no matter how it’s been presented I think you’ll agree there are some amazing entries to choose from.

Because it was pretty much all entries from kids, well kids that are grown up now if you know what I mean, it was a little more Sophie’s Choice than normal but there was a winner by a veritable landslide and that winner was ……… Bob Robinson!!

Noah Now!

Bobs reimagining of his 1990 tribute to Noah takes 1st prize and rightly so, Bob you had me at “YooNucoNS” …….amazing!

For his troubles Bob gets The Art of Toy Story 3 book and a dancing Gonzo toy and we get a whole new slant on the fate of the unicorns, a fair swap methinks.

Bringing up the rear is Bryan O’Sullivan in 2nd place and Jamie Teehan in 3rd, two very worthy runners up.

Well done in particular to our 3 finalists but a huge thank you goes out to everyone who dusted off their junior infants copy books and raided the attic to bring us all of their brilliant childhood mementos.

Click here to check out all of our retro entries for January or to keep an eye on our brand new theme “Favourite Game Characters”

Decembers Art Blog Winner

Ok I know Christmas seems like a million years ago and I hate to rake up all those bittersweet memories of selection boxes for breakfast and endless turkey sandwiches when we are all trying to survive on nothing but water, berocca and salad even though its minus 5 outside!

No I wouldn’t needlessly drop the C word (that’s C for Christmas in case you were wondering!) unless it was for a very good reason ……like revealing the winner of Decembers Christmassy Art Blog.

Decembers themes were “Your Favourite Christmas Movie or Book” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and we had some very dedicated folk taking time out of their party schedules to post up some festive lovelies but like I say every month, there can only be one champ.

And the final winner of 2012 is ……..Chris O’Hara!

Congratulations to Chris and his cute but cautionary Christmas tale “Naughty List”. Below is a still from the piece but click here to see the full 25 second animation in all its glory.

"Naughty List" by Chris O'Hara

If you wanna check out the other December entries or fancy keeping an eye on how Januarys theme “Retrospective” is progressing check out the Art Blog by clicking here:

Novembers Art Blog Winner

We have shaken off last months Halloween art blog spookiness and replaced it with the hot cholcolate and big fluffy socked cosiness of the “Theres No Place Like Home” theme.

We werent exactly inundated with entries this month, too much time spent Xmas shopping perhaps but the entries that did come in were absolutely beautiful and seriously hard to choose between.

However as with every theme there must be a winner so the people spoke and for the 2nd time around crowned only bloody Gillian Comerford as our champ!

Yay for you Gill and for your gorgeous Wizard of Oz themed entry, I always thought those ruby slippers looked too sparkly and cute to be comfortable!

So Gill is our winner with Finbar Coyle and Grainne Quinlan coming in for joint 2nd place and Tim Dowling taking the number 3 spot so congrats to our fab four and if you wanna check all of this months entries click here:

Next month we’ve gone for a seasonal theme with either “Your Favourite Christmas Book/Movie” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas” so keep an eye on the blog for the results.

Halloween Art Blog

Ryan Comerford age 5

Its been a super busy month here at Boulder so Im waaaay behind the times announcing the winner of the October Halloween themed art blog but Im gonna go ahead and do it anyway, better late than never!!

As always we had some amazing entries including another from Boulder Adoptee Billy Crinion and even some all the way from Australia courtesy of Isabelle and Ryan Comerford.


It was fiendishly difficult to choose but the votes were cast and there can only be one

Isabelle Comerford age 7

And it was Aine McGuinness’ Haunted Forest that reigned supreme!

Aine McGuinness Haunted Forest

Congrats Aine not only do you have your peers seal of approval you have yourself a copy of the equally cute Art and Making of Paranorman book.

If youd like to see all the Halloween themed pieces check them out here:

September Art Blog Winner

Septembers been and gone which means I have to snatch the Art Blog crown from last months winner, give it a little spit and polish and pass it on to a lovely new home.

This months theme was “Childhood Hero” and we’re a diverse bunch here at Boulder with heroes ranging from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to WWF wrestlers with Han Solo and The Fall Guy in between!

We even had a new record breakingingly (erm Oxford Engligh Dictionary anyone???!!!) young entrant in the shape of 3 year old Jonah who honoured his Daddy as his hero, awwwww!!

Loads of brilliant entries as always but you know the deal there can only be one winner

Ta dah ….. congratulations Mick Plummer!!!

Yep, Mick couldnt make up his mind so instead of one childhood hero he just about narrowed it down to five!

His impressive Bruce Lee, Robocop, Peter Venkman, Batman and Superman montage only gets more impressive when you find out he did it with a broken flippin collarbone and an arm in a cast!! Mick you’re our hero!

Mick celebrates his win with a Desktop Gumball Machine full of sweets, yum!

This months runners up were Aine McGuinness and Manuela Gualtieri so if you fancy checking out who their childhood heroes were click here:

Also watch this space for the spooky results of the Octobers theme “Halloween”

August Art Blog Winner

August was a very L-O-N-G month financially, (damn you 5 week months with bank holidays tucked up inside!!) but a very short month in the world of the Boulder Art Blog.

Yes our July winner Jenny was crowned slightly later than usual on the 13th of August due to the demands of Julys amazingly successful Animation Art Show and has barely had time to bask in her success when we are already replacing her, sorry Jen.

Augusts theme was “Reimagine a Movie Poster” and as always we were inundated with brilliant entries but there can only be one winner and it was……..

The flippin brilliant Gillian Comerford!!

Gills super duper cute take on the E.T. poster reigned supreme and saw her skip away with a pocketful of HMV vouchers the lucky thing.

Gill call home, you've won!

This months runners up were Nick Lennox with his Bladerunner inspired poster and Simon Kelleghans King of Kong tribute and if you wanna check out them or any of our other brilliant entries please click here:

Septembers theme is “Childhood Hero” so watch this space!

Julys Art Blog Winner

Ok I realise it is the 13th of August and a little late to be crowning the winner of Julys Art Blog however there is a ligitimate excuse what with all of the Boulder Crews artistic time and effort being channelled into July 29ths redonkulously successful Animation Art Show.

Anyhoo a few hardworking people stepped up to the challenge and created their very own “Monster in my Closet”. The monsters ranged from the cute and cuddly to downright scary and when the people spoke they chose the very lovely Jenny O’Brien as their Dr Frankenstein and winner of Julys theme!

Jenny O'Briens July Winner

Big shout out as always goes to our runners up Nadia Cardoso and Aine McGuinness for their super cute monsters and if you wanna check out theirs along with all of the other entries for July click here please.

Also want to make a special mention of Honourary Boulder Crewman Billy Crinion who submitted his first art blog post and very good it was too so thanks Billy!

Jenny has been crowned the winner, her picture goes into the Hall of Fame and shes bagged herself  her very own Uglydoll for her troubles.

If you are interested in seeing the usually mild mannered July winner Jenny O’Brien turn nasty check out her alter ego Trauma Thighs and the rest of the Dublin Roller Girls, rolling into a town near you!

Also keep an eye out for the results of next months theme “ Re-imagine a Movie Poster”.

Junes Art Blog Winner

How quickly the time goes, it feels like we’re still patting our May winner Verna on the back and congratulating her and yet her successor has already been chosen!

Yes the votes and have been counted and verified and Junes champion is ……. Stephen McGann!!

Stephens take on the “Power Animal” theme was this very cute yet pretty sinister little guy entitled Fuzzball.

"warm fuzzy feelings!!"

We think new Dad McGann has definitely used little 6wk old Zack and himself as the
inspiration for this furry Madonna and Child-esque winning pic and gets a lovely mini art hamper from Evans for his troubles.

Congratulations Stephen on both your art blog victory and your gorgeous little baby boy!!

Big shout out to our silver and bronze bloggers Grainne Quinlan and John Walsh. Check out theirs and the rest of the crews “Power Animals” by clicking