Boulder Media is an Irish animation company based in Dublin.


The company was established in 2000 and since then we have gone on to become one of Ireland’s largest animation studios, attracting high profile projects from across the globe and working with leading broadcasters such as –

Currently, Boulder is in production on

Award Winning

The shows we have produced have garnered several awards and countless more nominations such as, BAFTAs, EMMYs, ANNIEs, IFTAs, British Animation Awards, Cartoons on the Bay and many more.

Throughout all of these larger productions we have still found time to produce over a dozen pilots for Disney, Nickelodeon Film Roman and the BBC. As well as nurturing our own talented crew by investing in many in-house short films, which have gone on to win many awards at film festivals around the world.

Danger Mouse Reboot

Most recently, Boulder has led the creative team in the much anticipated reboot of Danger Mouse, helmed by Boulder’s creative director, Robert Cullen. The show has become the highest rated new kids show of 2015 and has led to world-wide praise from public and press such as:

Danger Mouse is a snappy British triumph. Credit is due to head writer Ben Ward and animation studio Boulder Media.

We saw shining animation and a script with its tongue so far in its cheek, it practically broke through the skin
Danger Mouse, CBBC