Halloween 2012

Ok so Halloween seems like a distant memory and its all about Xmas now but we love Halloween here so despite it being half way through November its not to late post the pics from our Annual Boulder Halloween Bash right?

Well here they are anyway!



Randy Cunningham – PR Ninja

I dont seem to be able to open a newspaper or magazine at the mo without seeing Randy Cunningham smokebombing his way across the pages.

Check below for just a few of the Randy articles thatve been showing up.

Boulder On A Roll With Disney Series, Irish Examiner, 11 November 2012


An Interview With Ben Schwartz and Andrew Caldwell, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Sunday World Magazine (Ireland), 11 November 2012


An Interview With Ben Schwartz and Andrew Caldwell, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, RTE Guide (Ireland), 11 November 2012
School Of Hard Knocks, Daily Star, Hot TV, 11 November 2012

Randy and Howard do Dublin

Hawkins Street had a little bit of the Hollywood treatment when Ben Schwartz and Andrew Caldwell, stars of our new show Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja popped by to say hello.

The guys were in town doing a whirlwind of press but took some time out to come visit the studio and meet the people that are bringing their characters to life.

How exciting for a Tuesday morning!

Randy begins!

Tonights the night that Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja officially hits European screens!!

So set your Sky box or pretend youve gone to the loo and leggit home to catch the new series on Disney XD at 5pm!

Halloween Art Blog

Ryan Comerford age 5

Its been a super busy month here at Boulder so Im waaaay behind the times announcing the winner of the October Halloween themed art blog but Im gonna go ahead and do it anyway, better late than never!!

As always we had some amazing entries including another from Boulder Adoptee Billy Crinion and even some all the way from Australia courtesy of Isabelle and Ryan Comerford.


It was fiendishly difficult to choose but the votes were cast and there can only be one

Isabelle Comerford age 7

And it was Aine McGuinness’ Haunted Forest that reigned supreme!

Aine McGuinness Haunted Forest

Congrats Aine not only do you have your peers seal of approval you have yourself a copy of the equally cute Art and Making of Paranorman book.

If youd like to see all the Halloween themed pieces check them out here: