Septembers been and gone which means I have to snatch the Art Blog crown from last months winner, give it a little spit and polish and pass it on to a lovely new home.

This months theme was “Childhood Hero” and we’re a diverse bunch here at Boulder with heroes ranging from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to WWF wrestlers with Han Solo and The Fall Guy in between!

We even had a new record breakingingly (erm Oxford Engligh Dictionary anyone???!!!) young entrant in the shape of 3 year old Jonah who honoured his Daddy as his hero, awwwww!!

Loads of brilliant entries as always but you know the deal there can only be one winner

Ta dah ….. congratulations Mick Plummer!!!

Yep, Mick couldnt make up his mind so instead of one childhood hero he just about narrowed it down to five!

His impressive Bruce Lee, Robocop, Peter Venkman, Batman and Superman montage only gets more impressive when you find out he did it with a broken flippin collarbone and an arm in a cast!! Mick you’re our hero!

Mick celebrates his win with a Desktop Gumball Machine full of sweets, yum!

This months runners up were Aine McGuinness and Manuela Gualtieri so if you fancy checking out who their childhood heroes were click here:

Also watch this space for the spooky results of the Octobers theme “Halloween”