The staff of Boulder Media were left shocked and stunned yesterday by a daring daylight break in by …………….. a squirrel!

The intruder tried to disguise himself as a toy but was rumbled

The squirrel was discovered in the Production Office on the 1st floor of the Hawkins Street HQ and reaked havoc for approximately half an hour by jumping on computers, climbing shelves and using humans as spring boards until a brave member of staff Jamie Teehan managed to over power and apprehend the intruder.

Click here for actual footage of the daring raid!!

The suspect could not be charged due a technicality based on him being a squirrel so was later freed back in to the wild.

It is still not clear how the interloper gained access to the building so alarm codes have been changed and security has been stepped up to prevent such an incident taking place again.

Boulder Needs You!

A position has come up for an Experienced Effects Artist on a short term contract.

The successful applicant will have solid experience as an special effects artist and will have a good working knowledge of Flash.

This position is strictly special effects only so character animators need not apply.

Please forward your details and an up to date show reel by email with “special effects artist” as the subject to info@bouldermedia.tv

Good Luck!!

Julys Art Blog Winner

Ok I realise it is the 13th of August and a little late to be crowning the winner of Julys Art Blog however there is a ligitimate excuse what with all of the Boulder Crews artistic time and effort being channelled into July 29ths redonkulously successful Animation Art Show.

Anyhoo a few hardworking people stepped up to the challenge and created their very own “Monster in my Closet”. The monsters ranged from the cute and cuddly to downright scary and when the people spoke they chose the very lovely Jenny O’Brien as their Dr Frankenstein and winner of Julys theme!

Jenny O'Briens July Winner

Big shout out as always goes to our runners up Nadia Cardoso and Aine McGuinness for their super cute monsters and if you wanna check out theirs along with all of the other entries for July click here please.

Also want to make a special mention of Honourary Boulder Crewman Billy Crinion who submitted his first art blog post and very good it was too so thanks Billy!

Jenny has been crowned the winner, her picture goes into the Hall of Fame and shes bagged herself  her very own Uglydoll for her troubles.

If you are interested in seeing the usually mild mannered July winner Jenny O’Brien turn nasty check out her alter ego Trauma Thighs and the rest of the Dublin Roller Girls, rolling into a town near you!

Also keep an eye out for the results of next months theme “ Re-imagine a Movie Poster”.

RC9GN – Almost here!


Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, an action-packed, animated comedy series thatfollows the adventures of an unlikely hero who, with his super human ninja suit, the NinjaNomicon (an 800 year-old Ninja guide) and the help of his best buddy Howard, finds himself as the one thing protecting his school and the world from certain destruction, is set to premiere on Disney XD. A special preview will air MONDAY, AUGUST 13 (9:00 p.m., ET/PT) with the series premiere on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 (7:00 p.m., ET/PT). New episodes will premiere Monday through Thursday (7:00 p.m., ET/PT).

Created and executive produced by Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas (Scooby-Doo), Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja stars an award-winning cast: Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation, House of Lies) as Randy Cunningham, Andrew Caldwell (Transformers, Hannah Montana) as Howard Weinerman, Kevin Michael Richardson (The Penguins of Madagascar) as Willem Viceroy III, John DiMaggio (Futurama) as Hannibal McFist, Dave Wittenberg (Stitch!) as Bash Johnson, Jim Rash (Community) as Principal Slimovitz, Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) as The Sorcerer, Megan Mullally (Will & Grace) as Mrs. Driscoll and John Oliver (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) as Coach Green.

The multiplatform roll-out is as follows:

Saturday, August 11

Full episode preview of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is available on WATCH Disney XD.

Monday, August 13

A full episode preview of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja follows the premiere of Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living “TRYathlon” special (9:00 p.m., ET/PT). In the episode “Last Stall On The Left,” Freshman Randy Cunningham discovers the NinjaNomicon, which reveals that he has been chosen to be Norrisville’s newest Ninja. Armed with his power-packed ninja suit, he faces his first battle with McFist’s monster Krakenstein, while juggling his new secret identity and being there for his best friend Howard.

Directly following the preview on air, “Last Stall On The Left” will be available on
iTunes as a free download.

All the lovely words above borrowed from Chris Arrants Cartoon Brew article dated August 8th.

Art Show Aftermath

I gotta start off by saying a HUGE congratulations to last Sundays Animation Art Show organisers Simon Kelleghan, Estrela Lourenco and Bianca Beneduci who managed to pull together such a great event and raise a whopping 8,600 for a more than worthy cause, The Childrens Sunshine Home and LauraLynn House.

the organisers - Left to right Bianca, Simon and Estrela

The bidding kicked off at 1.30pm and with endless streams of people through the door all day long and endless trips to the atm machine there was plenty of competition for the 94 lots being auctioned off.

There were a few bargains to be had but on the other end of the spectrum the star lots of the day were definitely Stephen Mooneys Iron Giant at 300, original animation cels from Don Bluths “All Dogs go to Heaven” at 320, our very own
Ross Dillons untitled canvas at 375 and the undisputed champ Tomm Moores Miyazaki Tribute at an amazing 410!!

A big thanks to everyone who donated a piece of art, turned up and emptied the wallet
out and generally anyone who helped the guys pull it off and make it such a successful and fun day!!

Stand in a circle Simon, Estrela and Bianca and administer pats on the back liberally,
you deserve it!



We’ve been lucky and bagged not one but two pieces of brilliant fan art again this week.

The first is from our future co-worker Billy Crinion whos pictures I think you’ll agree just keep getting better and better so thank you for taking the time to make them and sending them on to us, we love checking them out.

The second fan picture is from Isabelle MacNeaney who is only 7yrs old and a massive fan of Lala Loopsy. Well we’re big fans of your gorgeous colourful picture so thank you for sending it in, its making our office a brighter happier place!

Thanks guys and keep up the hard work!