One of most prolific Gumball fans Billy Crinion has been in touch with his imagining of himself as a character from the show.

We totally love Billys designs and there is no doubt the kids got talent but I think we’re going to have to see a birth cert, we dont believe you’re only 12!!

"Could TAWOG be the new TOWIE??"


“this is what my The Amazing World of Gumball character would look like if you ever wanted to know…He’s half vampire!
 I really love e-mailing you guys!It’s Really fun in case I ever want to post Gumball stuff!!

Have a great Summer!
Hopefully I will still be e-mailing you!

Yours Faithfully,
Billy Crinion”

Keep them coming Billy, you’re brilliant!!



We’re actually feelin super popular because in addition to our email from Billy we’ve had another email all the way from the USA from another fan of the show.

Sean Walker is 15 and and a massive Gumball fan and sent us in this cool drawing.

Thank you Sean for your awesome artwork and for taking the time to get in touch with us, we really appreciate it and we’re delighted other people find Gumball just as funny as we do.

Keep up the hard work and keep them coming!

“Hello! My name is Sean Walker. I am 15 years old and I would like to state some things! Well first of all I live in the U.S. and I just want to say to you guys at Boulder Media, thank you! Why? Thank you to all of the hard work and effort you have put into making my all time favorite show, The Amazing World of Gumball.
I find it unique and hilarious, and without an animation team, this incredible show would not be on TV and I would not watch Cartoon Network near as much as I do now. Even though I’m 15, just starting high school, I still think to myself that you are never too old to watch cartoons, or anything for that matter. I absolutely love this show!
I do tons of drawings, 95% of the time Gumball related. (5% = Regular Show, Adventure Time, etc.) I’ve pretty much mastered drawing Gumball and other characters. I do up to 3 drawings per day. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I put effort into what I draw. In fact, just the other day, I was watching the Gumball episode titled “The Kiss” and Gumball suddenly wakes up from a horrible nightmare. That’s where I got the inspiration for the drawing I have attached on a file. It took about…erm…20 min tops to complete.
But anyways, I have plans to become an animator and work at the Cartoon Network US office located in Los Angeles and probably pitch my own show idea! That is, once I become not-so-obsessed-with-Gumball instead of COMPLETELY obsessed and actually take the time to create my own characters.
Haha….well I do say that I have greatly enjoyed Season 1, and am anxiously awaiting (as I’m sure many are as well as I) the release of Season 2 of Gumball for America. That will be the day that the earth stood still to see the holy events emerge from television screens across the nation….*sigh*…but that’s supposed to be in December or next year for the US…which sucks. Really bad.
In the meantime while I anxiously wait, I suppose I shall ponder on the idea of making a Dodge or Dare board game in real life. And with that I say thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did making it.