The Amazing World of Billy!



Imagine my delight when I was trawling through a sea of spam emails only to find another gem from Gumball fan and future animation superstar Billy Crinion!!

If Billy and Gumball got mixed up, this is how they’d look …….

Only 12 and already so talented, Billy we salute you, thanks a million and keep them coming.



The Boulder Media Art Blog

Here at Boulder as much as we love playing ping pong (in my case very badly) and heading to Messrs for pints we do to try and keep at least a little of the extra curricular activities creative and after the success of the recent art auction our latest venture is The Boulder Media Art Blog!

Every month a new theme is picked at random with everyones interpretations getting posted up to the art blog and at the end of the month the staff get to choose their winner, how democratic!

So the first theme was set as “How do you see yourself?” and the posts came flying but there could only be one inaugural art blog winner…….

and the winner is …………. Eugenio Laviola!!!

Major congratulations to Eugenio who has not just scored himself Forbidden Planet vouchers and the envy/respect of his peers he is also the proud owner of the very first spot in our Boulder Media Art Blog Hall of Fame!!!

Eugenio - Will forever be a Rocket Boy!

A special mention also goes out to our runners up Manuela Gualtieri and Rory Wolahan, if you would like to check out all last months entries along with the early birds from this month click here: