Its been a delicious two weeks to be at Boulder, while the rest of Ireland were still guiltily limping to the gym and joylessly munching on celery in a desperate attempt to keep the New Years resolutions one man had a baking related dream …….

So Simon, Boulders answer to Marie Antoinette declared “ Let them eat cake!” and the Boulder Bake Off was born!

23 hopefuls signed up and with sometimes up to 4 different types of cake to sample each day it hasnt been easy to pick a winner and I think you can see why!

But every competitions gotta have a winner soooooo ……..

In 3rd Place  …… Fran Johnston

In 2nd Place  …… Niamh Brennan

And the winner is ………………. Carol Nolan!!!

Congratulations to Simon for coming up with such a tasty idea, thanks to everyone who took part in both the baking and the eating and thanks to Anne and Rob for forking out the prize money!!!