Ed Smith here, I’m Boulders Head of Post Production.

I’ll be giving a Guest Lecture to animation students at the Irish School of Animation out in Ballyfermot on Wednesday 23rd November at 10:30 to 13:30.  This will be the third lecture I’ve done in Ballyfermot and I’m always excited for the opportunity to meet with the animation students out there, and hopefully help to solve some of their production headaches.

This time around I’ll be focusing primarily on the role pre-production plays during the course of production in general, but especially on how the pre-production process can flow into post, and (when it’s done properly) can save significant time and effort.

I’ll be giving examples of real-life production workflows that we use here in Boulder: starting from script and board, through to animatic, BG, animation, compositing and final edit.  I’m hoping this will result in students having a better overall picture of their project from the start, while at the same time giving them an easy way to show current progress to anyone who’s interested…  which is probably only going to be tutors…or their mammy maybe.

Hope to see you there.