Imeall Thursday 14th March

There was a great piece on this weeks Imeall on TG4 about the growing animation industry in Ireland.

It features lots of familiar faces from the Irish animation community including our very own Rob Cullen.

If you missed it, click here to check it out.


If you fancy finding out more about the Irish Animation industry while brushing up on your Irish language skills just in time for Paddys weekend check out Imeall on TG4 this Thursday the 14th March at 10.30pm.

Boulder are featured along with other succesful Irish Animation studios so má tá spéis agus grá agat i Beochan bí cinnte chun far amach don cláir!

An Emmy for Gumball

It’s been a real rollercoaster couple of years since Gumball Season 1 hit the screens and even though everyone here knew there was definitely something special about the show it’s been flattering in the extreme to find that so many other people share our view.

Gumball has been recognised time and again by both the industry and the public alike for it’s totally unique look and offbeat comedy and this has been a real testament to the quality of the characters, the writing and of course the first rate animation that has seen an embarrassment of nominations and awards come Gumballs way but to now add an Emmy for Best Animation to this list is completely amazing!

So we thank everyone who worked on, watched, nominated, voted for or just loved Gumball for making it so special, yay!

Randy Cunningham – PR Ninja

I dont seem to be able to open a newspaper or magazine at the mo without seeing Randy Cunningham smokebombing his way across the pages.

Check below for just a few of the Randy articles thatve been showing up.

Boulder On A Roll With Disney Series, Irish Examiner, 11 November 2012


An Interview With Ben Schwartz and Andrew Caldwell, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Sunday World Magazine (Ireland), 11 November 2012


An Interview With Ben Schwartz and Andrew Caldwell, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, RTE Guide (Ireland), 11 November 2012
School Of Hard Knocks, Daily Star, Hot TV, 11 November 2012

Randy begins!

Tonights the night that Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja officially hits European screens!!

So set your Sky box or pretend youve gone to the loo and leggit home to catch the new series on Disney XD at 5pm!

The International Emmys 2013

Boulder are basking in the brilliant news that we have just been nominated for an Emmy!

Yes, The Amazing World of Gumball has scooped up its latest nomination in the International Emmy Kids Animation Category which is one of 6 new categories in Childrens Programming.

The new categories have been established in recognition of what Emmy officials describe as “the explosion in high quality kids programming around the world” and we’re beyond happy that Gumball is a part of that.

The ceremony takes part in New York on February 8th 2013 and with fellow Paddys Brown Bag also nominated in the Kids Pre-School category we’re hoping its going to be a lucky night for the Irish!

Randy Cunningham Premiere

Finally…… its here!!!

Yep the European premiere of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja happens in just over an hour from now and here at Boulder we couldnt be more excited.

The two episode taster goes out at 6pm tonight on Disney XD with the series starting proper next month on November 8th so make sure you tune in!