We seem to be getting later and later with the art blog deadlines, we’ll put it down to the crew being perfectionists and needing a little longer to give it that extra 10%!

Februarys “Favourite Computer Game Character” theme has got to be one of our most popular themes so far with tonnes of entries coming in which gives an insight into what the Boulder Crew are really doing in their spare time and they said the carpal tunnel was from animating, a likely story!

The votes were counted and verified and it was Sophia Dalys ode to Lara Croft that came out on top so massive congrats to Sophia!!

Lara Croft by Sophia Daly

For her troubles she is now the proud owner of some super sweet Morph bookends.

Our very respectable 2nd and 3rd places go to Ross Dillon and Verna Jaaskinen and if
you wanna have a look at their homages along with the rest of studios please click here:

The new art blog theme for March/April is “Animal Behaviour” so keep an eye out for new posts.