Noah circa 1990

Januarys theme “Retrospective” gave the Art Bloggers a chance to go back through the portfolios to a more innocent time when their artistic exploits stretched to Father’s Day cards and local art competitions.

Some of our entrants chose to show their original pieces alongside a version updated for 2013 whereas others just let the purity of the original piece shine through but no matter how it’s been presented I think you’ll agree there are some amazing entries to choose from.

Because it was pretty much all entries from kids, well kids that are grown up now if you know what I mean, it was a little more Sophie’s Choice than normal but there was a winner by a veritable landslide and that winner was ……… Bob Robinson!!

Noah Now!

Bobs reimagining of his 1990 tribute to Noah takes 1st prize and rightly so, Bob you had me at “YooNucoNS” …….amazing!

For his troubles Bob gets The Art of Toy Story 3 book and a dancing Gonzo toy and we get a whole new slant on the fate of the unicorns, a fair swap methinks.

Bringing up the rear is Bryan O’Sullivan in 2nd place and Jamie Teehan in 3rd, two very worthy runners up.

Well done in particular to our 3 finalists but a huge thank you goes out to everyone who dusted off their junior infants copy books and raided the attic to bring us all of their brilliant childhood mementos.

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