September Art Blog Winner

Septembers been and gone which means I have to snatch the Art Blog crown from last months winner, give it a little spit and polish and pass it on to a lovely new home.

This months theme was “Childhood Hero” and we’re a diverse bunch here at Boulder with heroes ranging from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to WWF wrestlers with Han Solo and The Fall Guy in between!

We even had a new record breakingingly (erm Oxford Engligh Dictionary anyone???!!!) young entrant in the shape of 3 year old Jonah who honoured his Daddy as his hero, awwwww!!

Loads of brilliant entries as always but you know the deal there can only be one winner

Ta dah ….. congratulations Mick Plummer!!!

Yep, Mick couldnt make up his mind so instead of one childhood hero he just about narrowed it down to five!

His impressive Bruce Lee, Robocop, Peter Venkman, Batman and Superman montage only gets more impressive when you find out he did it with a broken flippin collarbone and an arm in a cast!! Mick you’re our hero!

Mick celebrates his win with a Desktop Gumball Machine full of sweets, yum!

This months runners up were Aine McGuinness and Manuela Gualtieri so if you fancy checking out who their childhood heroes were click here:

Also watch this space for the spooky results of the Octobers theme “Halloween”

Randy Cunningham Countdown

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja has already gone to air in the States but Im afraid we need to wait just a little longer before it hits Irish and UK screens.

For the impatient among you there will be a sneak peek on Disney XD at 6pm on October the 4th with the shows European premiere set for the 8th November at 5.30pm!

Exciting times and if you wanna get to know the ninja just a little better click here for taster of what the show is all about.

The Amazing World of Billy!

Boulders most prolific fan and honourary staff member Billy Crinion has struck again.

This time with a cool version of The Amazing World of Gumball with Billy as the title character! We like your style Billy, Gumball had better watch out!

Thanks again and keep them coming!

Randy Cunningham has arrived!

So after Augusts teaser Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja officially kicks off in the States tonight and there has been a flurry of articles, ads and video clips to mark the occasion.

If you fancy getting involved in the hype, check out below…..Go Ninja!

Click here for behind the scenes interviews with the cast of the show including Parks and Recreations Ben Schwartz.

Keep up to date with all things ninja on the official Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja facebook page here

Also check out Animation Magazines cracking article on the show:

Billys Back

Im always delighted to get an email from honourary Boulder Crew member Billy Crinion but especially now I know hes super busy settling into his first year in secondary school.

This is the poster for a comic Billys working on so watch this space for the comic!

Thanks Billy, keep them coming!

August Art Blog Winner

August was a very L-O-N-G month financially, (damn you 5 week months with bank holidays tucked up inside!!) but a very short month in the world of the Boulder Art Blog.

Yes our July winner Jenny was crowned slightly later than usual on the 13th of August due to the demands of Julys amazingly successful Animation Art Show and has barely had time to bask in her success when we are already replacing her, sorry Jen.

Augusts theme was “Reimagine a Movie Poster” and as always we were inundated with brilliant entries but there can only be one winner and it was……..

The flippin brilliant Gillian Comerford!!

Gills super duper cute take on the E.T. poster reigned supreme and saw her skip away with a pocketful of HMV vouchers the lucky thing.

Gill call home, you've won!

This months runners up were Nick Lennox with his Bladerunner inspired poster and Simon Kelleghans King of Kong tribute and if you wanna check out them or any of our other brilliant entries please click here:

Septembers theme is “Childhood Hero” so watch this space!

Thank you Zoe!

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Zoe who sent in this lovely card and fab drawings of Gumball and Darwin as a thank you for her recent visit to the studio.

Well right back atcha Zoe, it was our pleasure!


The staff of Boulder Media were left shocked and stunned yesterday by a daring daylight break in by …………….. a squirrel!

The intruder tried to disguise himself as a toy but was rumbled

The squirrel was discovered in the Production Office on the 1st floor of the Hawkins Street HQ and reaked havoc for approximately half an hour by jumping on computers, climbing shelves and using humans as spring boards until a brave member of staff Jamie Teehan managed to over power and apprehend the intruder.

Click here for actual footage of the daring raid!!

The suspect could not be charged due a technicality based on him being a squirrel so was later freed back in to the wild.

It is still not clear how the interloper gained access to the building so alarm codes have been changed and security has been stepped up to prevent such an incident taking place again.

Boulder Needs You!

A position has come up for an Experienced Effects Artist on a short term contract.

The successful applicant will have solid experience as an special effects artist and will have a good working knowledge of Flash.

This position is strictly special effects only so character animators need not apply.

Please forward your details and an up to date show reel by email with “special effects artist” as the subject to

Good Luck!!

Julys Art Blog Winner

Ok I realise it is the 13th of August and a little late to be crowning the winner of Julys Art Blog however there is a ligitimate excuse what with all of the Boulder Crews artistic time and effort being channelled into July 29ths redonkulously successful Animation Art Show.

Anyhoo a few hardworking people stepped up to the challenge and created their very own “Monster in my Closet”. The monsters ranged from the cute and cuddly to downright scary and when the people spoke they chose the very lovely Jenny O’Brien as their Dr Frankenstein and winner of Julys theme!

Jenny O'Briens July Winner

Big shout out as always goes to our runners up Nadia Cardoso and Aine McGuinness for their super cute monsters and if you wanna check out theirs along with all of the other entries for July click here please.

Also want to make a special mention of Honourary Boulder Crewman Billy Crinion who submitted his first art blog post and very good it was too so thanks Billy!

Jenny has been crowned the winner, her picture goes into the Hall of Fame and shes bagged herself  her very own Uglydoll for her troubles.

If you are interested in seeing the usually mild mannered July winner Jenny O’Brien turn nasty check out her alter ego Trauma Thighs and the rest of the Dublin Roller Girls, rolling into a town near you!

Also keep an eye out for the results of next months theme “ Re-imagine a Movie Poster”.