Ok I realise it is the 13th of August and a little late to be crowning the winner of Julys Art Blog however there is a ligitimate excuse what with all of the Boulder Crews artistic time and effort being channelled into July 29ths redonkulously successful Animation Art Show.

Anyhoo a few hardworking people stepped up to the challenge and created their very own “Monster in my Closet”. The monsters ranged from the cute and cuddly to downright scary and when the people spoke they chose the very lovely Jenny O’Brien as their Dr Frankenstein and winner of Julys theme!

Jenny O'Briens July Winner

Big shout out as always goes to our runners up Nadia Cardoso and Aine McGuinness for their super cute monsters and if you wanna check out theirs along with all of the other entries for July click here please.

Also want to make a special mention of Honourary Boulder Crewman Billy Crinion who submitted his first art blog post and very good it was too so thanks Billy!

Jenny has been crowned the winner, her picture goes into the Hall of Fame and shes bagged herself  her very own Uglydoll for her troubles.

If you are interested in seeing the usually mild mannered July winner Jenny O’Brien turn nasty check out her alter ego Trauma Thighs and the rest of the Dublin Roller Girls, rolling into a town near you!

Also keep an eye out for the results of next months theme “ Re-imagine a Movie Poster”.