I gotta start off by saying a HUGE congratulations to last Sundays Animation Art Show organisers Simon Kelleghan, Estrela Lourenco and Bianca Beneduci who managed to pull together such a great event and raise a whopping 8,600 for a more than worthy cause, The Childrens Sunshine Home and LauraLynn House.

the organisers - Left to right Bianca, Simon and Estrela

The bidding kicked off at 1.30pm and with endless streams of people through the door all day long and endless trips to the atm machine there was plenty of competition for the 94 lots being auctioned off.

There were a few bargains to be had but on the other end of the spectrum the star lots of the day were definitely Stephen Mooneys Iron Giant at 300, original animation cels from Don Bluths “All Dogs go to Heaven” at 320, our very own
Ross Dillons untitled canvas at 375 and the undisputed champ Tomm Moores Miyazaki Tribute at an amazing 410!!

A big thanks to everyone who donated a piece of art, turned up and emptied the wallet
out and generally anyone who helped the guys pull it off and make it such a successful and fun day!!

Stand in a circle Simon, Estrela and Bianca and administer pats on the back liberally,
you deserve it!