Last Thursday we initiated an honourary member into the Boulder Crew when we had a visit from Boulder blog superstar Billy Crinion!!

Boulder Media and Billy Crinion, together at last!

Billy is the 12 year old cartoonist who has been wowwing us with his work over the last few months so we thought it was about time we got him into the studio.

Unfortunately due to pesky child labour laws we couldnt allocate him a desk and set him to work immediately so we settled instead for a tour around the studio, a meet and greet with the animators and a little goodie bag to take home to Trim.

Our Billy, ever the gent did not turn up empty handed though and made us this fantastic
picture (which is now on the wall beside my desk, thanks Bill) and brought in his portfolio for us to check out.

We were so impressed with Billys body of work that he has now become the youngest member, by about a decade, of the Boulder Art Blog and he is most definitely now a member of the Boulder family!

Great to finally meet you Billy and a massive Happy 13th Birthday from everyone here in Hawkins Street!!!

If you like Billys stuff and you wanna see more, check out his best of on deviant art