So as if the Boulder crew arent busy enough two of our most thoughtful members of staff decided it was time to do something nice for charity and the first of hopefully many Boulder Art Auctions was born!

The guys had a little over a week to get together a masterpiece to enter and despite the tight timescale we had an amazing response with over 50 individual pieces going up for sale.

With the help of a jumbo pack of blu-tack our lunchroom was reinvented as a makeshift gallery for the week and no sooner were the lots up on the wall the bids came flying in.

The week culminated in a live auction for staff only which just so happened to fall on pay day, nice move ladies and with some rather heated bidding everything sold and we managed to raise the princely sum of €2000 for our chosen charity The Somaly Mam Foundation!

The Somaly Mam Foundation is a non-profit charity committed to ending modern day slavery by working to eradicate human trafficking which affects over 2 million women and children every year and if you would like to know more about the amazing work carried out by these guys check out their website at:

A special thanks to Bianca and Estrela for coming up with the idea and making it happen!